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here are some fluffs I found across the net! if you find any you get this "I found a fluff" button! (button made by the onwer of lair of the tURTLE wITCH)
this one is called buddy! this one is called sleepy! this one is called soda!

Can you find the secret page? It's very hidden, so look carefully!


Hello everyone! I have stopped working on this site to shift work onto my new one that you can vist via the link below. Thank you for all your support!!

Go to the thing --->


Look up lol (I am to lazy to copy and paste)

Here are some of my favourite games

Check out Roblox it has millions of games made by real people. sign up and play now!

Note roblox will only work if you have the roblox app downloaded.

In Minecraft you are placed in a blocky world with nothing to do but explore. Minecraft has no end, you can explore different dimensions like the Nether and the End where you'll find the enderdragon, the final boss.

You hop in your rocket and set off to the world of Slime Rancher. In this game you suck up slimes and put them in corrals. You can then sell their plorts for money. If you get enough money you can buy upgrades for the corrals so the plorts will be worth more. Go visit the Slime Rancher website too!

Link to the rabbit!

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

fun fact!

most of the gifs on my webcite are from gif citys!

if you have any ideas, find any spelling mistakes or would like me to put a link to your website on my links page. you can email me! i will try to get back to you as soon as possaible also you will get your name put in the commenters list!

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