Cute Bunny 5

1.classic bunbun 2.angel bunbun 3.goth bunbun 4.toothpaste bunbun bunbun

Yes I know they are small but they are still growing! no judging!

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When adopting a bunbun pls be kind and link back to me so more people can have bunbuns!

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What bunbun are you?

Do you ever wonder what bun bun you are? No? well now you can know! just answer these four questions to find out!

1. How do you like to spend your time? A. sleeping B. reading C. bathing D. helping people E. hang with friends

2. How many friends do you have / like to have? A. A BILLION!!! B. none C. a few D. about ten E. eight

3. Whats your favourite game? A. Roblox B. Club Penguin C. Slime Rancher D. Friday Night Funkin E. Minecraft

4. Whats you favrite animal? A. Dog B. Cat C. rabbit😎 D. Rock E. Bat


mostly A: You are very laid back and dont really care about any change. You are classic bunbun.

mostly B: You are most likely a goth. You are stuck in the past and like to read in your spear time. You are goth bunbun.

mostly C: You hate being dirty and untidy things bother you and you only have a few freinds. You are toothpaste bunbun.

mostly D: You are very kind and have about ten to eleven frends. You have fast fingers and enjoy the simple things in life. You are angel bunbun.

mostly E: You are very social and enjoy being with frends. You enjoy sandbox games and went through a very short goth phase. You are love bunbun

carrot for nomnoms

I am in pain

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